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Mysore Style
The term "Mysore style" refers to the way Ashtanga Yoga was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the city of Mysore, India. In Mysore style class, each student is taught individually. In other words, he or she is given a one-on-one lesson within a group setting. This method of teaching is appropriate for both experienced practitioners and those new to yoga. Students are encouraged to practice daily and make a monthly commitment in order to memorize the traditional sequence and develop a personal practice.

Timing is flexible, students may begin practicing any time after the posted start time provided they finish by the end of class. New students attending Mysore class should allow 30 to 45 minutes for practice. As strength and stamina build more of the sequence will be taught and one’s practice will gradually lengthen.

Guided Full Primary Class
In this 90-minute class, students will be guided through the entire Ashtanga primary series, including sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures, backbends, inversions, and finishing postures. Because the class will be led in the traditional Sanskrit count with fewer verbal instructions than our other classes, it is best suited for students with some Ashtanga experience.

Guided Half Primary Class
Students are taken through the first half of the Ashtanga primary series as a group. This includes sun salutations, standing postures, some seated postures, backbends, and finishing postures. Although all are welcome, the guided class is most appropriate for students with some yoga experience.

Guided Beginner Class
A slower paced class covering the fundamental postures and techniques of Ashtanga Yoga. This course is recommended to those who are new to yoga or new to the Ashtanga yoga method.

Intro Ashtanga Class
3 week session
Mondays at 7:00pm-8:00pm
October 29th - November 12th
Fee: $48 for 3 classes

The intro class is designed for students with little or no yoga experience. This course introduces Ashtanga yoga in a slow, safe and comprehensive manner. The focus of the course is the development of a self practice. Students will learn the order and sequencing of the basic postures and how to focus on breath and movement. The series is progressive, layering one class on top of the next. At the end of the series, students will be prepared with the skills and knowledge to attend any class at Woodley Park Yoga.

Space is limited.

Register for series:

Krista Shirley Workshop - October 27th & 28th

Krista Shirley Workshop

Register for the full weekend: $150

Saturday, October 27th, 11:00am - 1:00pm: Mysore
"Mysore style” is traditionally practiced silently, with individual instruction, and isnamed after Mysore, India, where Ashtanga yoga originated and was taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois for many years. Anyone is welcome to come to this class. Students will work at their own pace, according to his or her individual needs, while Krista walks around the room providing hands on adjustments and verbal instruction as needed.

Register for the individual session: $45

Saturday, October 27th, 2:00 - 4:00pm: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
A fun, eye opening, challenging and game changing workshop for practitioners from all styles of Yoga! Come laugh and sweat with Krista as she delves into the physical exploration of the body through Yoga asana. How we hold our bodies up, move our head, maintain posture (or not), walk, sit, move….determines so much of how we feel in the body in which we live. Yoga practice alone does a great deal to improve posture, align the spine and musculature, our stance and more but that alone isn’t enough! Let’s look at how we can bring awareness, mindfulness and effort into how we live in and carry the body both ON and OFF the mat. Suitable for all levels.

Register for the individual session: $45

Sunday, October 28th, 11:00am - 1:00pm: Full Primary Series
This traditional Sanskrit counted class will explore the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga Method in a led/guided classroom setting. This class is recommended for those already exposed to Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Register for the individual session: $45

Sunday, October 28th, 2:00pm - 4:00pm: Finding Strength & Stillness through Balance
Spend the day exploring balancing asanas of primary and second series. We will learn how to create stability in the body needed to acquire and maintain balance in postures that challenge us to tap into inner and outer strength. Be prepared to break a sweat, have fun, and work hard in this session with Krista as we explore the postures that teach us how to find and maintain balance both on and off the mat. Suitable for all levels.

Register for the individual session: $45

Please email elsie@woodleyparkyoga.com if you have questions. For more information, see the workshop flyer. The workshop fee is not refundable.




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