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What do I wear to class?
Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Wear clothing suitable for physical exercise. Be prepared to sweat.

Is this hot yoga?
No. Itís not Bikram Yoga. It can be a hot, sweaty practice but that heat is generated internally from continuous movement, breathing, and the bandhas.

What's a bandha?
Donít worry about it. Just come to class.

Do I need to know the "series" before coming to a mysore class?
No. The way to learn is to come to class. We start with what you know and build on that. Gradually over time you do more and more.

Do I need to register ahead of time?
No, just turn up. The only class that requires registration is the Intro Series.

Why would I want to do yoga at 6 am? This time is very calm and quiet. Practicing first thing in the morning allows you to take the energizing benefits of yoga into your day. It is hard to make excuses this early in the morning. If you save your practice for the end of the day you may get busy doing other things and not have the time to come to class.

What if I just can't wake up that early?
Woodley Park Yoga offers an Intro class as well as Guided classes in the evenings and on the weekends.

Is there parking?
The best way to get to the studio is by Metro but street parking is available. Just be patient and allow yourself enough time to find it.

Is mysore class 3 hours?
Mysore classes are scheduled in blocks of time where students can arrive at their own convenience provided they are finished by the end of class. Each student is instructed individually within the group setting and will practice what they have been taught of the Ashtanga sequence. New students learning from scratch can expect to be taught a practice lasting between 30 and 45 minutes for the first few classes.



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